Welcome to Asyik.net.

Here is where you will find a range of online marketing services for your individual or business needs.

My aim is to bring recognition to your business or brand name through my services offered and to increase the number of potential and returning clients for your business.

Here are the core services that I offer:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is a website, product, or business if no one has heard about it? Do you find it difficult to get visitors to your website? Do you find it tedious to pore over the fundamentals of SEO? Have you spent weeks worrying and wrecking your brains over these issues? Let me solve this for you! Get your website or business noticed in search engines and look forward to receiving a ton of traffic (and potential clients!) to your website.

Press Release

Press Release

Have you always wondered how you could get the media attention your website or business deserves? Press release is the way to go! I can get information about your website or business syndicated across thousands of news websites. Imagine all the attention that will follow!

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is increasingly becoming one of the core areas for marketing because social media makes it possible to bring a large number of visitors to your website in a short time. When people share online the things they see, those “things” become viral. I am able to get your website or business “shared” through the various forms of social media available on the World Wide Web. Let’s get viral!

How do you purchase my services?

You would need to contact me via email to get a price quotation. This is because websites and businesses have vastly different needs and requirements and doing so would allow me to have a better understanding of your expectations and how we might maximise the services on offer. Go to my Contact Me page and drop me an email to get your price quotation today!